The Trademarkings Advantage

We are highly trusted, fast & affordable Trademark experts. We arrange trademark registration for hundreds of businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. If you want to learn more about us read through the below and if you have any additional questions please get in touch with us via our online form.

Why are your fees so low?

Trademarkings has a modern philosophy.  We believe that with the use of modern technology, the days of over-priced legal services are at an end.  The fees we charge are far below, sometimes by multiples, of those of a typical law firm and we have managed this with the use of streamlined systems and low overheads.  Specifically, we only charge by credit cards, we communicate primarily by email not post, we do not pay the salary of a full-time secretary, we do not pay expensive office rent and we have a call-back system.

Is your success rate really 91%?

Yes, we have a success rate of 91% in getting our client’s trademarks accepted for registration!  You can see our calculations in our website terms.

Why can’t I call you directly?

As explained above, we operate on a streamlined and low-overhead model.  This is why we are so competitive.  But rest assured, we will call you if you ask us or if we need to speak to you.

How will I be able to discuss things with you?

We answer every email sent to us.  We call you back if required.

In fact, we find this more efficient and meaningful for our clients as they always have our written advice in an email.  And we don’t charge for such responses (unless we agree otherwise).

Are you just a filing service?

No, Trademarkings is not an online filing service.  We are real-life trademark professionals, and each client’s trademark is given personal and proper attention.  We’ll be in touch via email or telephone and you can contact us at any time.

What do you do?

All things trademarks. As trademark professionals, we file, register and maintain trademarks in Australia, New Zealand, the US and elsewhere. We also act in trademark oppositions.

Who are you?

We are experienced trademark lawyers and professionals who are passionate about giving our clients the best advice at the best price. Our clients include small and large businesses, law firms, and brand owners