Starting a business offers many exciting opportunities wrapped up in one package. It is a chance to grow your idea from something small into something big while potentially offering opportunities for others to join in along the way. It is a chance to control your own future, too — “being one’s boss” is a goal for many, after all. Once you’ve taken the first steps, like registering your business name, it is essential that you spend time thinking about the other actions that are necessary to create an environment of success for your company. With foresight and planning, you can give yourself a much firmer footing to start.

For that reason, you should consider undertaking the process to register a trademark in Australia or the markets where you will do business. Protecting your brand from potential intellectual property thieves is important, especially if you have a unique approach to branding or if there is something that sets your services apart. You did the hard work in coming up with the idea, so you should be able to maintain control over the brand. When you reach a point where you can say “I think it’s time to register my trademark in Australia,” Trademarkings is here to help. Staffed by actual trademark lawyers, we can streamline the process to trademark your logo.

Taking steps to register a logo in Australia

Rather than offering an automated filing service, we provide a personal touch by ensuring an attorney reviews every application or search request we service. Throughout the process, we welcome your questions. By working quickly and with accuracy, we can reduce the burden on your time. Our record of satisfied clients speaks for itself; many individuals have found this process to be easier and less frustrating to navigate.

Have you already searched on your own? Perhaps you’ve already started trading under the logo you wish to use and rely on the (TM) symbol right now. If you’re sure about the mark you want to use, purchase our application services and provide us with the relevant information. Within three to seven days, IP Australia will have your application in hand to begin the review process.

Let our attorneys assist you with the process

However, if you have not yet conducted your searches, consider the value inherent in our combination package. You gain the valuable knowledge and information that we glean from our initial trademark search, which can help improve the chances of a successful application. More than that, we provide a built-in guarantee with this service. Should your first attempt to register a logo in Australia fail, we will make corrections and re-file an amended application at no additional charge. The result: a worry-free way to secure your branding and make plans for the future.

For answers to the questions we most commonly receive, explore the information in our FAQ. Contact us via email with any questions or other inquiries.